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  1. 3G BIKES   This looks like a new line of bikes. Here in the YouTube video on the right you will get to see the bike in action, being ridden rigorously by a couple of tricksters.

    “Welcome to 3G Bikes. Here at 3G Bikes we strive to design and build the most comfortable and stylish recreational bikes available on the market. We are passionate about what we do and it shows in our designs. 3G Bikes is committed to quality. From design, to concept, to final product,
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    we ensure that our bikes are safe, handle and perform well and are masterfully crafted. Our bikes are designed with the rider in mind. They are completely ergonomically correct, and fully adjustable, so the rider can find their comfort zone while maintaining a powerful pedal stroke. We stand behind our products and we know that everyone who buys a 3G will thoroughly enjoy riding one of our finely tuned bicycles. We want to ensure that IBD have great profit margins. Most of all, we strive to create a product that IBD can believe in. We believe that if someone loves a product, they are more comfortable selling it with confidence. Our headquarters are in Long Beach, CA and we have a warehouse and distribution center in Jacksonville, FL to serve IBD on the East Coast. Andrew E-Z Carter is taking care of our business on the East Coast and continues to do an amazing job in sales and supporting East Coast IBD. We've had a hard, yet exciting road to get to where we are today. We are very excited about what the future holds for 3G Bikes, and we invite you along for the ride!”
  2. WABI CYCLES   This looks to be a really great new business producing some very fine looking single speed bicycles. Lots of pictures on their website, even some of their workshop/warehouse. Picture on the right is of their "Wabi Lightning" a hand built Scandium frame fixed gear in dreamcicle orange. Richard Snook opens Wabi Cycles in downtown Los Angeles. Wabi bicycles are designed here and made to his specifications by an ISO9002 certified supplier in Taiwan. The designs are road oriented, made to allow longer rides at speed. Climbing, descending, cornering, accelerating and comfort - all aspects of the bikes' performance were considered in the design. The result? Two sub 19lb steel framed fixed gears (one tig welded, one brazed, lugged) and 16.3lb scandium framed fixed gear with incomparable performance, at prices not possible at your local bike shop.

    “Welcome to Wabi Cycles. My goal was to design a selection of fixed gear bikes that would be fun and enjoyable to ride, whether being used for commuting or long training rides. Consequently, the line of Wabi bicycles are road oriented. All aspects of the bikes' performance- climbing, descending, cornering, acceleration and comfort- were considered in the design. The result? Two sub 19 lb steel framed fixed gears (one tig welded, one brazed, lugged) and a 16.3lb scandium framed fixed gear with incomparable performance, at prices not possible at your local bike shop. Cigarettes My Man Wabi imports them directly from the factories, saving you hundreds of dollars over comparably spec'ed bicycles. And no splashy graphics or parts with Wabi logos all over them. Click here to learn more about how Wabi bikes are different from the other single speeds out there. These are bikes designed with riders in mind, not trends or price points. Want to run errands around town one day, or go out for an aggressive training ride another? No problem, a Wabi bike will perform. And you might also want something unique - a higher performance (but not so well decorated with logos) bike than the models offered by the other brands, and you don't care to be a part of their mobile advertising plan. These bicycles have been designed from the ground up here at Wabi Cycles in Downtown Los Angeles. They're not factory bikes rebranded with the Wabi name, or last year's product bought at a discount and sent to you in a box needing professional assembly to be made rideable. Each frame design is individually created, including choice of materials, specific tube dimensions and frame angles. All frames are thoroughly checked for build quality and alignment before leaving the factories. Each type of frame is built in a different factory in Taiwan, based on that factory's expertise. The components have been chosen based on functionality, quality, value and appearance. Each bike is fully adjusted and inspected before the minor disassembly required to put the bike into a shippable box size to send it to you. You will need to do some minor reassembly after receiving your bike, and then adjust the stem, bar and seat positions to your preference. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Wabi Cycles for any help you may need. I have a lot of experience helping people set up their bikes via long distance. The goal is for you to be happy with the bike, so don't hesitate to contact Wabi if you have questions or need assistance. For questions about correct fit, see the fit guide page for more info.”
  3. ALL-CITY CYCLES   These guy's have a couple of nice Single Speed models, maybe three. They currently have two models available as "complete bikes" - the "Big Block" and "Nature Boy". The link here takes you to their main website, but you must buy their bikes and parts through one of their authorized dealers.

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    “Our goal is to make a significant contribution to the equipment and culture of urban cycling. This is not a cash in, this is not a fad, this is our life, our love, our community and our dream. We are a company of riders making products for other riders. We share a lifelong passion for the machines, the people who ride them, and the positive changes both can effect in this world. All-City loves bike shops. We love the people, the culture, the repair stands, and the customers. Collectively we've spent time working counters and turning wrenches in shops from coast to coast. Without local shops our existence wouldn't be possible, and because of our dedication to independent bicycle dealers our products will only be sold through them. Our exclusive distributor, Quality Bicycle Products, services over 5,000 dealers across North America, so no matter where you are it's likely that your favorite shop can get our products. That being said, some shops are more in tune with what we're doing than others, and you'll find a list of All-City's partner shops below.”
  4. MANIFESTO BICYCLES   This Oakland California bike shop does a lot of single speed conversions for the general public. They have thousands of single speed bicycle pictures on Flickr. They sell online the following categories: Chains, Cogs & Freewheels, Cranks & Bottom Brackets, Handlebars, Stems, Grips &
    Tape, Pedals, Brakes & Levers, Tires & Tubes, Saddles & Seat posts, Rims, Hubs & Wheels. As far as i can tell they do not sell complete bicycles online, just from their brick & mortar store in Oakland.

    “We are: A couple of Oaklanders who decided to open a different kind of bike shop. We are: Part of a growing bike shop cartel - operating under the assumption that more bike shops in a city is a good thing. We are: Looking forward to a time when every neighborhood has a local bike shop instead of three nail salons. We are: Sam, the Sacto skateboarder, herpetologist and bike recycler and Miss MacKay, the music fanatic with a passion for vintage everything and a nose for business. We carry: new and used bikes, accessories, apparel and cool handmade stuff. Currently we do not sell bikes online. We prefer to work face-to-face with each customer during the build or customization process. If you are planning a trip to Northern California, we recommend visiting the shop to begin the process. We can then follow up on details via phone or email, complete the build and ship to you.”
  5. NASHBAR HOUNDER SINGLESPEED ROAD BIKE   Here's a bargain bike for you. It has a high star rating. Nashbar needs to list the stand over heights for each respective frame size. This bike uses 700c wheels.

    ADULT DIAPERS “New for 2010, the Hounder Single Speed Road Bikes build on the success of our Single Speed Road Bikes with style. The Hounder provides solid, dependable, no-frills transportation and does it while looking good! It's flat bar provides a more upright and comfortable position. It comes with a 16t freewheel and fixed cog to allow you to choose your riding style. Great for college students, commuters, early season training, and anyone who wants to experience cycling in its simplest, purist form. Color: Black. Weight: 27lbs. Frame Urban Single speed Design, Chromoly, Water Bottle & Fender Mounts. Fork: Triple Butted Chromoly w/ Fender Mounts. Headset: Tange 1-1/8in Threadless. Handlebars: 1.5in Riser Bar. Stem: 10 Degree Drop. Grips: Velo Diamond Cross. Brake Levers: Tektro, F & R. Brake(s): Tektro Alloy Caliper F & R. Seat: Velo Black. Seat Post: Straight Post 27.2, 250mm length. Crankset: 3-pc Euro Steel, 42T. Chain: KMC Z410. Pedal: Platform. Rim: Alex DC19, 32H, Stainless Spokes. Front Hub: Formula 36H, Nutted. Rear Hub: Formula Single speed 36H, Nutted, w/16T Freewheel, 16T Fixed Cog. Tires: 700c X 28.”
  6. NORCO   In my opinion Norco Bikes are priced quite reasonable and have great designs. These single speeders have belt drives. The picture on the right is of their "Spade" model. Also, need to mention this is a Canadian company with a lot of state side distributors. You can search from their website for a dealer near you. Plus they are in other countries of the world.

    “We ride to escape, to remove ourselves from the noise and static of life. We ride to find the perfect balance between exhaustion and ecstasy; to find out just how far is "too far" then go further. Cycling is our sport, our relaxation, our meditation, our escape. It's our friends, our family, our people, our culture.
    It's our state of mind, our way of belonging. Cycling isn't just an activity, or even a lifestyle; it's a way of being and thinking, a way of viewing the world that is uniquely shaped by two wheels. Your Norco bike will change your life, never doubt that. It will turn your friends into your family, reshape your priorities, and transform the way you approach the challenges of life. We understand; we ride too. For almost as long as Canadians have been riding bikes, Norco has been making them. For greater than four decades, Norco has been reinventing how Canadians look at bikes – and how they ride them. In order to keep ahead of the pack, we draw on the knowledge of our factory team, staff riders, and design team to create bikes that we simply love to ride. There aren't too many places in the world where on your doorstep you can freeride down world-class trails, do a 200-km road ride, take a cruiser along the sea wall, or get dropped by a float plane into remote areas for an All Mountain epic. Being based in the Pacific Northwest, our backyard is both our playground and testing facility. Many would think that with all the possible riding opportunities available, nothing would ever get done. Sure, we ride . . . a lot . . . but we're equally passionate about making quality bikes for real-world trail conditions and riders. Every minute that we spend out on the road or on the dirt goes into making wise decisions on the product we build.”
  7. LINUS BIKES   This appears to be a relatively new bicycle company answering the single speed call.

    “This stripped down, elegant ride is the bicycle in its purest form. A simple, clean profile. Durable Hi Tensile steel frame with Chromoly down tube, 3-Piece forged aluminum crank, Alloy rims with stainless steel spokes, Genuine leather hand grips, North Road polished aluminum handlebar, Shimano back pedal brake, Mid-century alloy bell. AVAILABLE IN TWO FRAME SIZES: Medium: 51cm/20in & Large: 58cm/23in.”

    “Inspired by French bicycle design of the 50's and 60's we have created a bicycle that preserves the simple elegance, and pure form of that golden era but has all the benefits of modern comfort and reliability. LINUS is the utilitarian, city bike . . . Simple and reliable but with a personality and style that makes you feel like you're in an old French movie . . . You're floating a little from the wine you drank at lunch . . . Maybe instead of going back to the office you'll take a nap under a tree, go for a swim in the sea or drop by your lover's house . . . In most urban cultures bicycles are viewed as legitimate transportation and not merely recreation, but sadly this idea never really caught on in the US. We take numerous little journeys, under 5 miles, as part of our everyday life . . . To the store, the pub, to work, etc. Besides the obvious joy of riding a bicycle, these small bicycle trips reduce carbon emissions, congestion, noise pollution, and make for a happier, city experience. That's LINUS . . . A simple, affordable, elegant bike for riding around and doing stuff.”
  8. OsoBike
    OSOBIKE   Very nice "Chrome Moly Steel Frame" bike. Another single speed equipped with coaster brake. You can purchase an additional front brake if you want.

    “The Osobike is a mix between a cruiser and a road bike. It is simple and easy to maintain like a cruiser, but fast like a road bike. It has only one speed, so you can spend your time riding instead of thinking about what gear you should be in. There are no cables because the brake is in the pedals (coaster brake). The design is simple and modern. The tires are narrow and high pressure. All of these features lead to a low maintenance bike that is a pleasure to ride and to view. The Osobike — fast like a road bike, low maintenance like a cruiser. Osobike was conceived by Shane Stock, a business person and cyclist from Laredo, Texas. The frame for the bike is built by a leading frame manufacturing company renowned for their steel frames who produce frames for many major bicycle companies. The components are of high quality. You are saving by getting quality components without paying for brand names.”
  9. ZENCOG BICYCLE COMPANY   Beautiful handmade single speed bicycles. Order yours today. However, i just took a look at their site and maybe they no longer have the handmade bike. But, they do have other brands available which you might be interested in.

    "ZenCog Bicycle Company is a one man business that custom builds 700c single speed coaster brake bikes. These one of a kind custom bikes are built with the finest components available. The minimalist simplicity of the ZenCog will bring back childhood memories with back pedal braking. The high quality ZenCog silently glides over the pavement. At approximately 24 pounds, this big tire steel steed is built for comfort, durability, and go anywhere fun! Thanks for considering a ZenCog - Clark
  10. Republic Singlespeed
    REPUBLIC BIKE   These are beautiful custom made single speeders and look at the price also - $394.00 base price on 4/24/09. This business is located in Dania Beach, Florida. Yes, they have a very nice website with lots of color pictures of their bikes. They have available a lot of "Dutch" style bikes now (30 July 12).

    “Build a custom single speed bicycle by Republic Bike. Republic Bike assembles custom bicycles based on shared design. We offer component and color selection curated for quality, value and aesthetics. Pick, choose, swap and decide and we'll build it, box it, and ship it out. Built by us and you. Depending on demand, your bike is built within 3 business days of receiving your order. All items featured on the site are in stock and available unless noted otherwise. If an item or component color is unavailable or back ordered, you will be notified as soon as practical of any delay or unavailability. Your bikes are assembled in our distribution center in South Florida and transit time to you varies by distance. Please review our general shipping policy for estimated transit times.”
  11. Fixed Innovations
    FIXED INNOVATIONS   This is a special website in that it is strictly designed to help you convert a non-fixed bike into a fixed gear bike. Included on the FI website is also: "FixMeUp! Software that helps you figure out what gears will fit on your fixed-gear or single speed bike. It's particularly useful for bike frames with vertical dropouts, because on those frames you can't just move the rear wheel to take up slack in the chain."

    “Welcome to Fixed Innovations. This site is primarily for people who want to convert their multi-speed bicycles with vertical rear dropouts to fixed-gear or single-speed use. It takes you through the process of selecting gears that will fit your frame, and makes suggestions for what to do if you aren't happy with the gear choices for your frame. I should mention: I've never seen a frame that couldn't be converted! It's not that hard. If this is your first time here, you may want to check out the Instructions for FixMeUp!, which explain step-by-step how to figure out what gears will fit your bike.”
  12. PHIL WOOD   They manufacture and sell MTB hubs. They are a famous company - well known to many bicyclists around the world. Their hubs are used for building up bicycle wheels. They have models that can be used as a fixed cog setup or used with a freewheel setup.

    “Founded in 1971, Phil Wood & Co. is proud to be one of the oldest, if not the oldest, American cycling component manufacturer. Our products are made in the USA – they are completely designed, manufactured and assembled in San Jose, California. Phil Wood & Co. manufactures cycling and related recreation oriented products. We are dedicated to providing products of the highest quality achievable. These products are a result of our designs, the materials we use, and our craftsmanship. Our goal is to offer hand-crafted products with "Guaranteed Satisfaction" and a simple design, the highest quality materials, and the ultimate in durability. To this end, we allocate our available resources first to those areas that place emphasis on design, materials, and production. We specify the characteristics of each and every bearing used in our products. In many cases specific bearings are made exclusively for us to our exacting specifications. We have always demanded the same quality from the bearings we utilize as we demand in our own manufactured parts. This helps to guarantee that no compromises will be made in the production or materials of the product you receive from Phil Wood & Co.”
  13. Surly Steamroller
    SURLY BIKES   They sell complete bikes, framesets and parts. In my opinion Surly is a little different than most and their product line reflects it. But not bad - just different. They have what appears to be several different single speed framesets. Real nice stuff though. The picture on the right is of the Surly Steamroller.

    “The Steamroller got a fresh paint job, black parts, and black graphics this year. We think it's pretty snazzy. Paint and decals don't make a bike ride well, though, and the reason this bike continues to be popular is because it is a well-built, durable bike that goes fast and rides smooth. Designed as a single speed street bike, it's as fine an urban trawler as you will find. We offer it as a fixed gear because that's what it was designed to do (well before fixies became popular, we might add). We include a front brake because having a brake is a good idea. If you want to add a rear brake you can, just be warned there are no rear housing stops.”
  14. PAUL COMPONENT ENGINEERING   Nice new website! Check out their Flatbed - Rigid Fork Mounted Carrier. They also manufacture and sell Brakes, Brake levers, Thumb levers, Hubs, Cranks, Single speed items, Accessories, & Baskets/Racks. The picture on the right is of their new "Mountain Crank". "Our Mountain Cranks are a great single-ring crank set for mountain bikes, and match the 52mm chain line of our WORD hub."

    “For those who aren't familiar with our Flatbed - it is a premium load carrying attachment for your bicycle. Imagine carrying stuff on your bike! Made of tubular anodized aluminum, and hardwood slats, the Flatbed can hold up to 25 lbs. The Flatbed mounts on rigid forks only. All that's needed is a rigid fork with dropout eyelets (Small threaded mounting tabs next to where the front wheel mounts). Price per flatbed $169.00. Metal Finish anodized. Wood Finish/Clear Urethane coating. Color silver/natural wood.”
  15. Fixed Gear Gallery
    FIXED GEAR GALLERY   This most excellent website is worth viewing even if you are not interested in single speed bicycles. A very fine resource for those looking for ideas and products suitable for building your own bike. Check the "fixedroadreview" section for articles on bicycle parts and accessories. This website is up-to-date and well maintained.

    "An incredible collection of fixed gear bicycles from around the world."

  16. Chris King Singlespeed Hub
    CHRIS KING PRECISION COMPONENTS   They sell a single speed hub among other components such as headsets, wheels, bottom brackets.

    "Designed especially for dedicated single speed bikes, ours is the first truly high-performance hub. The rear hub features a cassette mechanism built on our patented RingDrive™ engagement system. A fully adjustable chain line is then accomplished using our King Cogs and the provided precision machined spacers and lock ring. Both hubs are designed to build identical, dishless wheels for maximum strength and durability.Two rear axle widths are offered - 135mm for mountain bikes and 130mm for road and cyclocross frames."
  17. Sheldon Brown Picture
    SHELDON BROWN   They have a single speed section.They sell a lot of single speed parts and have lots of good useful information.

    “Modern 24-27 speed bikes are marvels of technology, and allow a cyclist to select the gear ratio that will make the most efficient use of his/her energy. If what you're after is getting the maximum possible speed/distance for the minimum effort (and there's nothing wrong with that!) a multi-speed bike is what you need . . . but, efficiency isn't everything! If you're riding for sheer pleasure, or for exercise, you don't necessarily place that high a premium on output results, as measured in speed,

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    distance or vertical climb. Instead, you may care more about the actual experience of riding your bike. In this case, you may be a candidate for a single speed bike. Riding a singlespeed bike can help bring back the unfettered joy you experienced riding your bike as a child. You don't realize how much mental energy you devote to shifting until you relinquish your dérailleurs, and discover that a whole corner of your brain that was formerly wondering when to shift is now free to enjoy your surroundings and sensations. Paradoxically, a singlespeed bike is, in another sense more efficient than a multispeed bike! While the single gear ratio will not be the "perfect" gear ratio for all conditions, in the conditions which fit the single gear, it is considerably more efficient mechanically than the drive train of a dérailleur bike. A single speed bike dispenses with the weight of the dérailleurs, shifters, cables, extra sprockets and longer chain. In addition, a single speed gear train runs the chain in a perfectly straight line from sprocket to chain wheel, and avoids the serpentine wind through the pulleys of a dérailleur. You can really feel the difference! A single speed is noticeably quicker and easier to pedal than a multispeed bike in the same gain ratio. Single speed bikes are also considerably more sturdy and reliable than multispeed bikes. There's no dérailleur to catch on the underbrush or to get over shifted into the spokes. The rear wheel itself is a lot stronger than one made with off-center (dished) spoking to make room for a whole bunch of sprockets on one side.”
  18. Salsa Casseroll Singlespeed
    SALSA CYCLES   Very nice single speed offered by Salsa Cycles. Picture on the right is of Salsa's "Casseroll Single" and is a 2008 model.

    "Simple and to the point, Casseroll Single gets you where you want to go with single speed gearing. A single speed road bike you say? Yup. We're talking one gear that you pedal fast or slow, up hills and down, and all around town. Casseroll Single starts out with our extremely versatile Casseroll frameset. Crafted of Salsa Classico CroMoly, the frameset provides the resilient feel that steel is famous for. It feels good while you ride it! Designed around long reach brakes, the frameset allows you to run nice large road tires: 700c x 37mm without fenders and 700c x 32mm with full fenders. Big tires may add some weight, but we feel the extra comfort is well worth it while riding on rough roads or well-worn paths. Our partially polished, stainless steel, forward-entry horizontal dropouts make for easy chain tensioning. Interested in running fixed? Flip-flop the rear Surly New hub and add a track cog. Finishing touches include fender and rear rack mount braze-ons, and a pump peg. Fine, functional parts like Surly New hubs laced to Salsa Delgado Cross rims, long-reach Tektro 521 AG brakes R20 brake levers, Sugino RD2 single speed crankset with 48T ring, and Continental Contact 37mm tires keep you rolling. The WTB Silverado Race saddle with Salsa embroidery, Salsa Moto Ace Short & Shallow bars, and painted-to-match Salsa CroMoto stem top it off. Casseroll Single is all about riding while not fretting over what gear you're in. Just roll up those pants cuffs, spin those pedals, and go somewhere. Enjoy the simple life, try riding single. Casseroll Single. Getting the job done . . . simply."
  19. Alien Bikes
    ALIEN BIKES   This is a new website offering single speed parts. These people do not sell complete bicycles - they specialize in some high quality basic parts, like cranksets,pedals, headsets, wheelsets, framesets, hubs, brakes & levers, and cogs & chains. Nice website.

    "Alien Bikes exists to provide fixed gear purists with the gear they need, but can't get locally. It's nice to support your local bike shop, but you can't expect them to have all manner of fixed gear stuff and expect it to be inexpensive too. By all means, buy your tires, your bars, your seats, your whatever at the LBS, and then turn with a clean conscience to Alien Bikes for your real fix. We at Alien Bikes have chosen and spec'ed our products not based on some calculated market research, but rather based on what we want to ride. (When I said we, you know I meant me . . .) We figure that if we want bikes like this, somebody else does too. Welcome. Have a look around."
  20. Motobecane Messenger Singlespeed
    MOTOBECANE   I think this is the only single speed bike that they sell. It is called the "Messenger" model. You can find it in the road bikes (link) category on their USA website. This bike utilizes standard 700c tires & wheels.

    "Full Chrome molybdenum Steel Custom Frame and TaperBlade Fork. Wheelset: Precision sealed bearing hubs. Double-Butted Stainless Steel Spokes. Double-Wall Rims. Rear Flip/Flop Hub (dual sided fixed/freewheel). TruVativ Crankset 48T. 16T FreeWheel. 16T Fixed Cog. Aluminum Stem/Bar/Post. Velo Road Saddle. Front and Rear Aluminum Caliper Brakes. Aero Brake Levers (extra cost option)."
  21. PK Ripper 700c Single Speed
    SE BIKES   This company specializes in BMX bikes but also carries a line of nice single speed bikes in both 700c and 26in. wheels. Picture on the right is of their limited edition "P.K. Ripper", a very beautiful 700c wheel single speeder.

    “All of our limited edition bikes are available as complete bikes as well as framesets. We sell them in the USA & worldwide. Here in the USA, we offer 250 completes and 100 - 250 framesets. Add in the complete bikes and framesets for the rest of the world and that explains why you might have serial number 443 on your limited edition bike. We send our catalogs to our dealers; feel free to ask for one. Check back soon for a full PDF version in our Support Hub. All warranty claims begin by bringing your bike to a local authorized SE dealer. It does not have to be the shop where the bike was purchased; any SE dealer should be able to help you. If you are outside of the US, please contact your local distributor or the authorized SE representative for your country. If the dealer determines that the situation is a valid warranty claim, they will contact us and we will work to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. By using the Dealer Locator on the website, you can find the local SE Dealers in your area. A couple of quick calls will get you the answer. With so many dealers, it's impossible for us to know the stock at each location. I want to make some changes to my SE Bike: How can I tell if my new parts will work correctly? This is a question better suited for an SE dealer who can look at your bike and the new parts to make a qualified decision. Modifying your bike can make it more enjoyable but it can also make it unsafe if the parts are not assembled properly onto your bike. It's best if an authorized dealer inspects your bike and does the maintenance to assure safety and proper function. If the SE shop near you doesn't have the bike or product you want, you can ask them to order it for you. Most shops are happy to do this. Unfortunately we can not determine our dealers' current inventories. Ask your dealer to order the bike for you. We rely heavily on the expertise of our dealers to act as our technical service representatives. Our dealers have outstanding technical knowledge and are excellent at finding the right parts for any of our bikes. If you have technical question, you will get your answer from an authorized dealer. Owner's manuals are generic by necessity. We have a "dealer locator" button on the top right of our website. All warranty issues must go through an SE dealer.”
  22. SWOBO   This business has about 6 very neat bicycles for sale - they have grown over the months since i posted this link to their site. Nice bikes. They are selling bikes. That's usually a good sign. The picture on the right is of their "Sanchez" model.

    Our bikes are made in an A-level factory in Taiwan. They are extremely proud to make our bikes. We truly support USA manufacturing where we can and though you might see one from us soon, affordability is key to the Swobo design philosophy. The gears, brakes, tires, handlebar grips and saddles, etc. are all manufactured in Taiwan, Japan and Germany. There is no production of these items in the USA, so even if you make a frame in the USA, you still need to import all the components. First and foremost, if you've never assembled a bike before, our recommendation is to take it to your local bike shop. Better yet, see if we have a dealer in your area and get your bike there. Our bikes come 95% assembled, but do still require some attention. The bikes are packed with the rear wheel attached and the shifter, brake lever and the grips attached to the handlebars. Crank and chain are installed. The saddle is attached to the seat post. You will need to put in the front wheel, turn the stem so that it faces forward and aligns with the front wheel, attach the handlebars to the stem, thread in the pedals, and insert the seat post into the seat tube. Tire pressure should be checked. All bolts should be double-checked. Very few tools are needed. If you have a multi-tool you are set. If you don't have a pedal wrench a 15mm open-end wrench will work. Use white lithium grease when you are installing anything that is threaded, and the seat post before you insert it in the seat tube. Mechanical skill is required and assembly by a professional bike mechanic should be your first choice whether a Swobo dealer or not. Don't attempt if you are uncertain and don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.
  23. NYC Bikes Mellow Yellow
    NYCBIKES   This small business located in Brooklyn NY puts together for sale these neat bikes which include a number of single speeders. They ship custom built bikes anywhere and check out their very reasonable prices. Picture on the right is of their single speed model "Mellow Yellow".

    "We are city cyclists building city bikes made to throw over your shoulder for that four floor walk-up, made for the abuse of potholes and that big fat chain . . . Every single bike comes with a warranty; when it breaks - we fix it, squeaks - we lube it. Repairs? Heck yeah! Everyday starting at 11 am we take in bikes for first come first serve same day repairs at our Williamsburg shop. We only take as many as we can finish in a day, and we ask you to pick them up before we close. Give a call to see if we've got room. That's right, I said same day."
  24. ON-ONE   Based in England with a very good website and lots of goodies. They sell a lot of single speed items including complete bicycles. They ship to the US and in fact have a warehouse or office or representative in the US. The picture on the right is of on-one's single speed 700c Pompino bike.

    “Throw convention by the wayside and unleash your creativity. Mash up frames, forks and wheels to build a singletrack ripper, a do it all single-speed, or a cutting edge 29er with road wheel versatility and flat-bar handling. On-One is about choice, not compromise. We were one of the first brands to make a 29er that really rode well, and now our range is one of the most extensive available. Where it makes sense we fit ISCG mounts that'll take chain guides or internal gear cranks. We use tapered headtubes for stiffer 1.5 / 1.125in fork steerers and oversized press fit BB92 bottom brackets on our latest carbon bikes too. On-One bikes are some of the most technologically advanced bikes you can buy at any price level.”
  25. Giant Bowery '72
    GIANT BICYCLES   Giant sells a nice looking single speed called the "Bowery". Located on their website at: Find your bike > Lifestyle > Metro. They actually have about 3 different models. The picture on the right is of their "Bowery" 72in model.

    "Built for the professional messenger, the Bowery is Giant's ultra-refined, single speed city bike. The Bowery comes stock with hand brakes and a freewheel or can be set up as a fixed hub (sprocket included)."
  26. Voodoo Agwe 28er Complete Townie Bike
    PHAT TIRE   They have about 3 different bikes. The picture on the right is of their "Voodoo Agwe 28er Complete Townie Bike".

    "Called a 28 Incher Townie, this town bike is great for commuting to work, cruising the boardwalk and of course, the morning coffee run."
    • Voodoo Black Magic butted CrMo with horizontal dropouts, rear dérailleur hanger, rack mounts, braze-ons for full-coverage fenders and racks (fenders/racks not included). Plenty of toe clearance.
    • Custom 2-tone paint job with off-white front end, light blue rear end.
    • Fork: Voodoo Agwe CrMo fork with brake post studs (no disc mount).
    • Steering: VP A71 headset, Voodoo Scorcher bar, Voodoo CrMo hi-rise stem, WTB Comfort grips.
    • Seating: WTB SpeedV saddle, Kalloy SP-700 seat post
    • Wheels: Alex ZC1000 32 hole rims, Formula DX21/DX23 hubs, 14g black spokes, brass nipples, WTB Vulpine 29x2.0" tires.
    • Has clearance for tires up to 29in x 1.8in or 700 x 45c tires
    • Cranks: FSA Vero.
    • Chain: Sram PC-1.
    • Cassette: ACS Claws 18t.
    • Brakes: Tektro V.
    • Brake levers: Tektro ML330.
    • Pedals: VP-515A platform.

  27. Masi Speciale Commuter
    MASI BICYCLES   Check out their "Speciale Fixed" model. A very lovely single speeder. They have about 4 different models. The "SoulVille SS", "Speciale Fixed LTD", "Speciale Fixed", & the "Speciale Commuter".Pictured is the Masi "Speciale Commuter, US MSRP: $795". Look under the "Urban" tab.

    “Designed around possibilities, not limitations, the Masi Speciale Commuter can be turned into the bike you've always dreamed about—if it isn't already. Rack and fender mounts on its long, stable steel frame make it a practical machine among similarly high-spirited sprinters. The flip-flop rear wheel with fixed and freewheel cog options, shifter bosses on the down tube and forged dropouts with dérailleur hanger offer even more possibilities for the unrepentant tinkerer.”
  28. Rivendell QuickBeam
    RIVENDELL BICYCLE WORKS   I include Rivendell on my site because they have single speed parts included on their website which you can order online. The picture on the right is of a Quickbeam owned by a private party purchased at an earlier date.

    “We're a small specialty bicycle business, purveyor of smart parts and accessories, a little out of step with the times. We sell lugged steel frames, leather saddles, wool clothing, and with few exceptions, gear geared toward the super enthusiastic non-competitor, plus the best lip balm, pencils, shaving cream and work shirts available. That means we have really good, really neat stuff, but we don't stock 20-spoke wheels, 70022 tires, 145g saddles, tight plastic clothing, aerodynamic sunglasses, or carbon fiber. What we do have is beautiful and made to use hard and endure. Much of it is made in Japan, most of it is made just for us, and we sell almost nothing that's made in China. That's a fact, not a political statement. We buy from original manufacturers when possible, most of which have been in business for decades and scores. We have never searched out a cheap price, and our goods are affordable (to the extent that they are) because we buy direct and sell direct. It's the ol' "eliminate the middle man" game gone nuts. Open Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm Pacific Time. And Saturdays 10-4. Call us with any questions you have. (800) 345-3918. We have a showroom in Walnut Creek, CA. We're about 30 miles east of San Francisco, and just a six-minute amble or a three-minute bike ride through a super safe business district from Walnut Creek BART. A little hard to find, behind the Hertz rental car place (up the hill to the left) that's near the corner of Pringle and N. Main, one block north of Ygnacio.”